This country impressed me so much, even for the short time we spent there. Whilst the climbing was amazing - it was really our hiking in the Giulien Alps that took my breath away! There are incredible walks, you could go for days, months even, and the whole area is connected with these serviced mountain huts. Ready with a cold beer, a bunk bed and some kind of cabbage meals!!

If you are climbing around a 20+ Aust. standard then you can sign yourself up for a very long time here, even just in the one area. We found less climbs around the 16-20 level, but enough to keep us busy! Also enjoyed nipping over the boarder into Trieste - a place where I've spent many a family holiday, and enjoyed the tiramisu, gelati and climbing at Napoleonica. Good combo! 

If you're after some specific info about where we climbed + hiked - just flick me an email !! All pics by the clever Sarah, who also bravely led all our climbs!

The Giulian Alps ... 

Um did we just walk into a parallel fairy universe?!

Home (and beer) for the night.

The 'shower' .... colder than it looks!!

Remember to pack your waterproofs! No joke, I was soaked to the bone! 

I believe this is called the money shot!

And down again! Survived!

Slovenia - Osp area. Climbing!

When you find a balloon dalmation. You buy the balloon dalmaition ...

... and you take him climbing! 

Trieste (post tiamisu + gelati) ...

Yoga time!

Austria ...

Slovenia you get ALL the gold stars!! Definitely coming back!



Over the Chrissy New Year break I took some time out in beautiful Albany. Bald head is one of my favourite walks, it's super exposed, raw and invigorating! It feels like being on the edge of the world and you really feel the vastness and expanse of ocean that flows south from this point.

Super enjoyable and cleansing! A few pics captured along the way ... Ok so quite a few pics, but seriously I couldn't narrow it down more than this. I hope you get a small sense through the photos of the amazingness of this journey!! 

Gnaraloo baby we love you!


Bunch of yogis, new and old, swags, a few beers, surfboards, a 3 legged dog, camp food and some big happy hearts. And possibly the best place on earth. 

Pics by Bridget, Tom & Jules.

Incredible Iceland


I don't even know what to say about this place ... beautiful, so beautiful, power, ice, fire, harsh yet simultaneously soft. Iceland I think I am well and truly in love with you. I will just count down the days till I can next visit your shores. 

Flying on a hill before soaking in a geothermal heated river!!


Iceland 2.jpeg

Just meditating on an iceberg ...

Playing with light and pattern at Harpa, the incredible concert hall in Reykjavik. 

Adventure time in the Kimberly!


So when I don't go on adventures enough ... my soul cries a little bit. My soul was crying, so the flights were booked and we went on some adventures!! Started off with too much good food, cocktails and cable beach walks in Broome. Learnt the most I've ever know about the stars and the planets on a great astrology tour & fell off a SUP board on many headstand attempts. That was the warm-up. 

We picked up our mad mate 4WD, loads of food stocks, an engle and we were off!! Heading on a road trip! It's the best feeling, driving away, tunes cranking windows down. aahhh

There were crocodiles, bats, snakes, many gorges, swimming and lots of photography. Also a laksa making competition, famous French food from a can & plenty of yoga poses. And the soul was singing again! Following is what was captured in image, but the true joy came home in our hearts. 

Pics cred to Sylvain and Shauna

Tree pose with the boabs. 

Downward dog was easier than the many headstand attempts!

Yoga with the crocs!! Top right of the pic - no stress they were just little freshies! 

Nothing like an ice cold matsos beer to bring in a Kimberly sunset. 

Thank you beautiful Kimberly, I'll be back for many moons to come.